RigiMill VS. Traditional Multi-gantry Machine

RigiMill is a state-of-the-art vertical machine center. With unmatched speed and rigidity. The record-breaking chip removal rate and short cycle times speak for themselves. It's no coincidence RigiMill is called the Beast of Efficiency! But what are the most significant differences between the RigiMill and a more conventional machine?

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RigiMill has the rigidity needed to machine with extraordinary speed and precision in soft and hard metals. RigiMill's extreme rigidity stems from its architecture. The magnificent cast iron monolithic portal with vertical moving cross-rails integrates five guideways to provide the spindle with the required rigidity to handle heavy cutting.

Even when the spindle works at full speed, 30,000 rpm, this vertical machining center works with the highest steadiness, which paves the way to achieve extremely high chip removal rates and reduced cycle times. RigiMill is extremely fast and has gained a chip removal rate of 1,000 cubic inches (16.4 liters) per minute in aerospace and 55 cubic inches/min (0.9 liter/min) in titanium. Comparing RigiMill with a standard machine in terms of speed is like comparing a regular car with a fast sports car. Rigimill is available in two different versions: With a moving gantry (RigiMill MG) and with a moving table (RigiMill MT).

RigiMill MG (Moving Gantry) - Vertical machining centerRigiMill  MT (Moving Table) - Vertical machining center

While speeds and feeds are essential for achieving high productivity and shorter cycle times, they are not the only factors that matter. Every step in the machining setup must be as efficient as possible, including fixtures, tool changing, chip removal, and loading and unloading of raw material and finished components to secure high productivity. Every second counts, and if the machine has to be stopped for chip evacuation problems, or a fixture change, then the machining time will be prolonged.

Designed for improved safety and efficiency RigiMill eliminates the need for operators to work on coolant-covered tables, no shoveling chips or loading product onto machine tables. The RigiMill also provides a variety of automation solutions. For example, automatic pallet system and automatic tool loading.

Automation solutions

The pallet system makes the transfers and setups between the process phase precise and fast and provides greater efficiency, cost reduction, and productivity. RigiMill tool changes are a truly lean process with automated robotic tool loading. This speeds up the machining times even more and contributes to RigiMill being an antidote to long cycling times. A real game changer since the cycle time per part is generally reduced by 40% compared to multi-spindle machines. Check out our case studies on RigiMill MG and RigMill MT to learn more.

2 machines in 1 with a reduced footprint

With conventional machines, it is not uncommon to either need two machines to complete the machining of a part. One for rough machining and one for finishing. Or a multi-spindle machine where different spindles perform different operations. RigiMill, on the other hand, can be used both for high-speed roughing and finishing. This allows you to make more finished components from one RigiMill machining center than you can with several lower-quality machines.

The RigiMill, which can perform many operations with a single spindle, is surprisingly compact compared to a multi-spindle machine. This results in less floor space needed, which is a significant advantage. Another considerable advantage is the fact that if your machine is down or stopped for maintenance, you only have one spindle not machining. In a multi-spindle machine, all spindles are stopped when one of the spindles is down. More time-consuming and more costly.

RigiMill's unique combination of strength, speed, and agility will help you increase your productivity as well as reduce capital expenditure and running costs.


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