Reducing Cycle Times

Reducing cycle times is essential in the never-ending race where you compete to beat your competitors and win new business. Speeding up your production without sacrificing quality could help pave the way for success in the race. Reducing cycle times is not only a way to increase your production speed. It also gives you powerful advantages, including higher profitability, more satisfied customers, and more time to be innovative. These are all crucial factors to strengthen your possibility of doing more business. 

What do we mean when we say reducing cycle times?

Cycle time could be defined as the actual time spent producing a product. Imagine you are a manufacturer of car parts or aerospace parts. To reduce your cycle time, you must reduce the time it takes to machine a part, including tool changes, fixturing, cleaning, and transfers between machines for further machining. Improving the speed in manufacturing is nothing you do overnight, but constantly working with small steps in the right direction will profoundly impact the cycle times. You will see a new world of benefits along your journey to cut cycle times, giving you huge advantages.

Look at our case studies proving the cycle time reduction

Increased output and productivity

By producing the same part in less time, you increase the output and improve the productivity. The ROI is often impressive when there is an increase in output relative to time.

Reducing the cost per part for more business

The cost per part is vital for whether you make or break your chances of competing for a new contract and is directly affected by the cycle time. Therefore, a cycle time reduction can significantly impact your future sales.

Profitability benefits

Manufacturing operations that can reduce their cycle times can produce more products in a shorter time with less labor costs. This results in higher profit margins.

Product Innovation

Reducing cycle time will allow you to move parts more quickly through your machine, which frees up valuable time on the machine for innovation. To stay ahead of your competitors, you must innovate new products and techniques.

How could MODIG help you reduce your cycle times?

Of course, when manufacturing metal parts, the machine's overall performance is essential for the cycle time, but the quality of the tool is also crucial. MODIG offers a wide assortment of horizontal, vertical, and inverted machining centers, offering great time savings. 


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