Preventive Maintenance. Give Yourself Peace of Mind

Do you give yourself peace of mind by regularly performing preventative maintenance and replacing wear parts and consumables on your HHV machines? If so, congratulations. You are on track and understand that this is an essential success factor and that the benefits of keeping up with maintenance are plenty.  

Let's explore the many benefits of maintaining top-quality machinery and how this directly correlates with your productivity.

The main benefits of preventive maintenance


Ensure your machine performance!

Preventive maintenance is essential to the machine's ability to perform at its best over time. By regularly performing preventative maintenance, checking the status of your machining center, and changing wear parts and consumables, you secure that your machining center is in tip-top shape and ready to machine with the accuracy and speed as if it was new. Several wear parts and consumables, including spindle filter, hydraulic filter, pneumatic filter, spindle oil, plates and pipes, and hoses, need to be replaced regularly to ensure your production capabilities. 


Save money!

The secret behind safe machine operation is preventive maintenance. By taking care of your machine, you prevent the risk of suffering from acute breakdown problems. The machine availability will increase, and the time the machining center is ready for machining will be more significant. And remember that preventive actions will always be cheaper than repairing and, in the worst-case scenario, buying a new machine. 

Minimize downtime!

Your machines must continue to perform at their best daily to keep up with the tight production time. Production stoppages or disruptions could have disastrous consequences. Every breakdown is a nightmare and costs both valuable time and money. Proactive maintenance makes your production a winner and gives you peace of mind in the long run, with low maintenance costs and reduced risk for unplanned downtime. 

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Keep your safety level!

By regularly controlling the machine's condition, cleaning it, and keeping up with the maintenance routine, you can avoid machine failures that can result in unsafe working conditions that could lead to premature termination of employees and workplace injuries.

Make sure your HHV is Ready to Keep up!

Buy a kit with ware parts and consumables

To perform proactive maintenance and give the right conditions for the HHV machining center to operate with the safety, speed, and accuracy you expect, you need to have the wear parts and consumables at home. If you don't have it, you entail machine performance and the possibility of preventing unexpected downtime. Finding the correct wear parts and consumables is time-consuming, and time is money.  

Contact our service team if you have any questions about preventive maintenance for your HHV and if you request wear parts and consumables.


Buy a kit with ware parts and consumables

To avoid unexpected downtime and ensure your machine runs at peak performance, it's important to have the necessary wear parts and consumables. The absence of these parts can significantly impact machine performance. However, finding the right parts and consumables can be time-consuming.

If you have any questions about preventive maintenance for your HHV and need wear parts and consumables, don't hesitate to contact our service team for assistance.

Buy a CARE KIT for your HHV!


  • Spindle filter, 1 pcs
  • Hydraulic filter, 2 pcs
  • Pneumatic filter, 3 pcs
  • Spindle Oil, 1 pcs
  • Pipes and hoses for rotary tables, 1 pcs
  • + add-ons available