Optimal machine performance through preventive maintenance.

By keeping up with proactive maintenance and replacing the wear parts and consumables that need to be changed regularly, you will receive the upper hand, and your HHV machining center will perform at its maximum capacity.

Five wear parts and consumables to keep an eye on for maintaining machine performance and production efficiency!

There are several benefits to ensuring your HHV is ready to keep up. Preventive maintenance helps you maintain your production capabilities and keep your cost down. Taking care of your machine means you must change wear parts and consumables in time to ensure your machining center performs at its best. The following is a list of wear parts and consumables to regularly keep an eye on and replace. The list focuses on five of the essential wear parts and consumables to include in your preventive maintenance work for your HHV machine. 

1.            Lubrication spindle taper, Spindle oil     

Lubricants reduce friction on the moving spindle in the machinery. By using lubrication, you will extend the life of the spindle taper and make it function easier. 

What will happen if you do not regularly check the lubrication level and refill?  Inadequate lubrication can result in premature failure of your spindle bearings and lead to spindle issues. 

Spindle lubrication check and refill, how often?  You should clean and regrease the HSK taper and tool holders every week. After cleaning the taper and tool holders, it is essential that you spray with spindle oíl. 

2.            Pneumatic filter    

The Pneumatic filters ensure that the air coming into the machine meets a certain level of pureness.

Why should you change the filters? If you don't replace new filters periodically, impure air can travel into the machine's pneumatic system and cause scale and spindle issues.

How often should the filters be changed? It all depends on the environment in the factory, but these filters are good to change every 1000 hours to secure the machine's performance. In the media cabinet of your HHV machine, you will find the pneumatic filters. 

3.           Spindle filter     

The spindle filter ensures that the spindle's oil lubrication is going to the spindle with the correct flow and no contamination. HHV2 and HHV3 have two spindle filters, and the HHV duo has a 2x2 spindle filter. 

What happens if you neglect to change these? If you don't replace the filters, it will be difficult for oil to flow properly and could allow particles to pass through, making the oil impure. This can lead to problems with your spindle.

How frequently should you change filters? The filters are placed next to the spindle at the back of the machine. You should replace these filters after 3000 hours. 

3.           Hydraulic filter     

The hydraulic filter in the machine ensures that the hydraulic system used for the spindle and work-holding functions is pure and without contamination. The HHV has two pieces of Hydraulic oil filters. One for the return line flow and one for the pressure-line flow. 

What can happen if you don't keep up with the filter change? Neglecting to change the hydraulic filters could cause contamination in the hydraulic system, clogging up the system and, in the long run, causing a problem with work holding and spindle functions. 

When is it time to change filters? Each filter has two separate alarm systems, one electric and one optical. When the manometer shows yellow, it is time to change the filter. 

You will find the Hydraulic unit on the backside of the HHV machine. 

5.    Pipes and hoses for rotary tables

Pipes and hoses supply the oil to the hydraulic jaw to hold the machine's material. 

What happens if a worn hose breaks? If a hose breaks, the machine will be down, and your coolant will be contaminated with hydraulic oil. If this happens, you will lose valuable production time. 

At what intervals is it recommended to check the pipes and hoses? After 400 hours, inspect the pipes and hoses for the rotary tables for wear and leakage. You should replace pipes and hoses if they are leaking or have been heavily worn. You can find the pipes and hoses on the sides of each rotary table and under the lower cover. 

Buy a kit with wear parts and consumables

You will need to have the necessary wear parts and consumables to prevent downtime and ensure the machine runs at peak performance. The absence of these parts can impact machine performance and even avoid unexpected downtime. Finding the right parts and consumables can take time, and time is valuable. 

Contact our service team if you have any questions about preventive maintenance for your HHV and if you request wear parts and consumables.

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