Meet Modig, a Supplier of Both Machining and Automation Solutions.

Within the Modig Group, Modig Automation Systems provides tailored automation solutions and optimized equipment seamlessly integrated with the cutting-edge machining solutions of Modig Machine Tool. Modig provides machining and automation solutions from one source produced in the same factory in Kalmar. What are the benefits of this concept? 

Synergies in the use of components. Both the machining center and automation systems are based on the same high-quality components. 

Minimized labor and footprint. To streamline workflow and drive productivity, Modig has developed Top gantry robots that are efficient for material handling. This approach significantly decreases labor demand and expensive floor space and is especially suitable for machining processes with extrusion machining, such as the HHV-line and the Mill-Ex.

Safety access during the operation. The solution with top gantry robots ensures secure and unobstructed entry to the equipment for tool replacements, upkeep, and visual monitoring while the milling process is underway.

Flexible setup of the solution. For manufacturing operations with shorter machine cycle times, the Top Entry Gantry design can, according to Modig, accommodate up to eight machines in a single cell or as few as one. Additionally, a Tandem solution can be utilized when expedited production is necessary. This involves adding a secondary robot unit to the existing horizontal traverse beam. 

Utilizing a singular control system platform. The MODIG GROUP's manufacturing and automation solutions are built with the same control system to ensure seamless integration, advanced communication, and process monitoring within the cells.

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