Why Inverted Machining?

Turning the machining world upside down is what Modig Machine tool is said to do with its latest innovation, the inverted machining center. According to the company, the machine series with flipped geometric will be the next shift in performance for part and component machining and set new productivity, precision, and speed standards. But what exactly is the big thing about inverted machining? 

Cutting tool turned up side down, a symbol for inverted machining

Benefits of inverted machining

Inverted machining refers to a new manufacturing method where the spindle processes from below. This new process entails several advantages and aims to solve the manufacturer's vital issues, including better chip handling, greater accuracy, shorter production times, and increased utilization of the machines. 

Inverted machining will be a big hit for industries with large volumes, quick lead times, and high complexity, including automotive and aerospace, as well as other part production that demands optimal productivity. Years of simulation by the Modig-team show that users of inverted machining centers will gain several competitive advantages compared to a conventional processing method. We list the most apparent benefits of inverted machining we have in mind. 


Today everything from the body of a smartphone to an airplane is manufactured by machining. The complexity of these products and components is continually increasing. Besides, there is an increasing demand for higher and higher tolerances when cars, aircraft, and other products used in everyday life become increasingly sophisticated and produced in new, better ways. That is why stable and reliable processes are so important. These principles are the foundation of inverted machining centers. The world´s first inverted machining center is very sturdy and built with a cast-iron base around the structure. The rigid machine construction allows for the tool's efficiency and best-in-class precision by reducing vibrations and redundant forces.

Optimal chip handling 

Chips filling up the cavities in the workpiece and very soon the entire workspace has historically been a threat to productivity and surface quality and an issue the metal machining industry has tried to deal with since the beginning of time. Hopefully, inverted machining is the cure. By turning the spindle upside down, gravity takes care of the chip clearing more quickly and requires less fluid, drastically reducing the need for production stoppages and ultimately boosting throughput and productivity.

Incredible fast cut to cut time 

The inverted machine's stable load distribution for vibration-free cutting opens for high-speed and speedy cut-to-cut times without sacrificing the quality of the surface. The IM-series machines can work up to 200 hp with absolute precision. This results in fast lead times and unmatched productivity.

Reduced footprint

 The inverted machines are designed for a small footprint to maximize floor space and can be placed side-by-side. They could be equipped with overhead loading to save even more valuable production space. 

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You have now learned about the benefits of processing from below. Discover more about inverted machining and meet the world´s first inverted machining solutions. 


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