Machining Center Right-sized for Mega Casting Machining

Mega Casting is changing car manufacturing at heart. A new way of manufacturing where structures made originally of many small parts is replaced with one mega casting part. Modig Machine Tool provides a high-speed machining center for machining mega-casted parts, including rear body structures. U19, equipped with a high-speed spindle, dual zones, and two rotary tables, is optimized for casted components and right-sized for mega casting machining.

The automotive industry is witnessing a wave of change. Since the new Electric Vehicle era, new manufacturing processes have been developed to reduce weight and to produce more sustainable. Mega casting is one method that could transform car body constructions.

What is mega casting or giga casting?

Mega casting or giga casting, is a manufacturing technique where many small parts are replaced with one large single metal casting. This technique allows for greater efficiency in the manufacturing process and more flexibility in design and production. The mega-casted parts, such as rear body structures for electric vehicles, are machined to a finished component in a machining center suitable for mega castings. The single, massive casted part of the rear body structure replaces up to 70 parts in one car and by doing this gains several benefits including durability, cost efficiency, and higher performance. By replacing more substantial car parts with one single unit car manufacturers reduces weight, improves energy efficiency, and as a result increases the vehicle's reach. The complexity of their manufacturing process is also reduced and benefits in cost savings on material use and logistics, and the overall environmental impact of manufacturing and the supply chain.

U19 is ideal for mega casting and giga casting machining of parts for electric vehicles

U19 - The right-sized machine for mega casting machining

The U19 is a horizontal 5-axis machining center with dual zones containing two rotary tables right-sized for large casted components. Equipped with a single high-speed spindle able to perform dry and wet cutting, the U19 machines mega casting parts, including rear body structures, in the most efficient way. While the high-speed spindle effectively produces a precise result at extraordinary speed. The dual zones open up for ideal loading and unloading times, with a seamless process where the part loading in one zone could coincide without interfering with the machining of parts in the second zone. The machine is optimized for robotic automation to safeguard quick loading time and MODIG provides turnkey solutions for the entire production line.

Discover MODIG U19, a high-speed machining center right-sized for machining mega-casted parts, including rear body structures.


Discover MODIG U19