Modig: Passionate People, Innovative Technology

The technology developed by MODIG is undeniably fascinating, but what truly distinguishes the company is its tight-knit family spirit and its employees' unwavering drive and passion for exploring new, groundbreaking ideas. Through collaboration, the employees hone their problem-solving abilities, resulting in innovative and cutting-edge engineering solutions that pave the way for the future.

MODIG has been at the forefront of innovation in the machine tool sector for over 75 years. Their machines are designed to meet the needs of various industries, from aerospace and automotive to construction and heavy equipment manufacturing. Besides the fantastic technology, one of Modig´s success factors is its employees' passion and collaboration, which are essential to the company's growth and accomplishments. Meet some of MODIG's valued employees, each with a unique perspective on what makes the company so special.

MODIG-employees-Annelie Sparring

Annelie Sparring works as Finance Director and oversees bookkeeping and finance for the entire MODIG Group. She describes MODIG as "energetic, innovative, and team oriented." Annelie's day-to-day routine involves performing diverse tasks such as invoicing, supplier payments, financial consolidation, and reporting. Annelie was inspired to work at MODIG because of the opportunity to work with a passionate team and contribute to MODIG's exciting journey. Plus, the chance to grow personally and professionally in the finance sector.

MODIG-employees-Stefan mensing

Stefan Mensing is a dedicated Electrical Design Manager responsible for overseeing the electrical design of MODIG's machines. Stefan describes MODIG as a forward-thinking, innovative, and family-oriented company. He spends most of his time collaborating with the electrical manufacturing team, working on EPLAN from his desktop. Stefan also attends meetings to discuss the development of current and upcoming machines. He was inspired to join MODIG due to the challenging task of building up the Electrical Design department and the opportunity to gain international experience.

MODIG-employees-Sarah Garrison

Sarah Garrison, the Executive Assistant to Keith Lopez, President of North/South America, helps ensure that Keith and the MODIG US office have the resources they need to function at their highest level. She describes MODIG as "innovative, performance-driven, and people-oriented." Sarah manages Keith’s schedule, hosting various customers from around the globe, keeping the Modig leadership organized over 7 time zones, and provides Modig with a well-organized business cadence. Sarah was inspired to work at MODIG because of the prospect of being part of a growing team. She is delighted with her decision, as they are now a growing team. 

MODIG-employees-Pradeep Kumar Sahoo

Pradeep Kumar Sahoo is a skilled CNC Programmer at Modig.  Pradeep highlights the words efficient, precise, and innovative to describe MODIG. At Modig, Pradeep is responsible for identifying and implementing solutions that meet customers’ technical needs. Working closely with the sales team, he designs and develops custom software and hardware solutions and provides technical support. A typical day at Modig for Pradeep is filled with new challenges as he works to bridge the gap between machining time and part quality. Before joining Modig, Pradeep worked primarily with aerospace parts. Pradeep was attracted to Modig due to its reputable standing in the industry, dedication to professional growth, and a team of proficient experts. It's no surprise that Pradeep has become an essential member of the Modig family.

Each employee brings unique skills and experiences

contributing to MODIG's growth and success.

Overall, the employees at MODIG seem to share a common appreciation for the company's innovative and team-oriented culture. Each employee brings unique skills and experiences to their respective roles, contributing to MODIG's growth and success. From finance to electrical design, executive assistance, and CNC programming, MODIG appears to be a great place for professionals to develop their skills and grow their careers.